Candy Heart Science

We did an experiment with candy  hearts.   What happens when we put candy hearts with water ?  First,nothing happened. Next, nothing happened. After,the hearts got  way  softer.  Last it got way softer.  I am wondering what would happen if I put candy hearts in vanilla.`~~~

I Am From Poem

Where I’m From

I am from Sunshine. From airplanes and my room.

I am from a two story house.

I am from the smell of toast cooking.

I am from bananas and toast.

I am from Whipper Snappers and cap guns when the ball drops and a funny dad.

I am from “Let’s rock and roll!”

I am from the Bernstain Bears because they are funny.

I am from going out the window and saying, “I was looking for birds!”

I am from Boscawen.

I am from having dinner every week because my mom and dad are most important to me.